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ATIS-code: the digital identification of a ship

Every yacht has a marine VHF radio onboard to communicate with others. The skipper can use the marine VHF radio to contact other skippers but also to communicate with people on the shore, such as bridge & lock operators and harbour masters.

Some marine VHF radios send out a digital signal after you have transmitted your message so that others immediately know who is sending the message. This digital signal contains the identification of the yacht called the ATIS-code, which stands for Automatic Transmitter Identification System.



It is very important that you have the correct ATIS registered.  Transmitting the wrong ATIS can be very confusing and inconvenient for the receiver and is illegal, so for this reason you must make sure you have the right ATIS installed.

Here at Sleeuwijk Yachting can help you get your personal ATIS-code. To do so, we contact the Telecoms office that manages all the registrations in the Netherlands. Once we have received the ATIS-code, we will install the code into your radio for you.

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