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Trading in your yacht

Sometimes you find the yacht of your dreams, but have yet to sell your existing yacht or sailboat.  To prevent having two yachts at the same time, you may consider a ‘trade in’ arrangement with your current yacht.  We, as a sales harbour will try to arrange a ‘trade in’ agreement with various options available:-

  • We find a buyer immediately. Sleeuwijk Yachting has a huge customer base at its disposal – it is possible that we can match your yacht with another customer on our database.
  • The seller will take your yacht in part exchange.
  • Sleeuwijk Yachting may make an offer to buy your yacht.

The deal can be made instantly

By trading in your yacht, we can agree the deal instantly. This is an advantage because you do not have to go through the entire sales process with your current yacht, and there is no risk of losing the yacht of your dreams to another buyer in the meantime. Many customers have already preceded you.  Ask our Brokers how a ‘trade in’ may be possible.


How will Sleeuwijk Yachting trade in your yacht?

We sell yachts on a daily basis and have a clear view of the market.  Usually, we are able to tell from recent pictures and specifications what your yacht is worth and often it is not necessary to visit your yacht beforehand.


Next, we will negotiate the additional amount that has to be paid. When we reach an agreement in principal, we will then arrange a visit to your yacht to ensure that the yacht corresponds with everything you told us about it.

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