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The VAT-declaration

Buyers tend to have lots of questions about this.

You have to pay taxes when you purchase a yacht for private use. Most owners keep a folder with invoices onboard to prove the taxes have been paid.

In most cases invoices from shipyard are sufficient, but we usually advise skippers to also request a VAT-declaration from customs. This VAT-declaration is a one page document and means that you do not have to carry a lot of invoices with you.  Another advantage is that customs recognizes the VAT-declaration immediately and will let you continue your travels quickly.

This document is also very useful because it is recognisable for foreign officers, contrary to Dutch invoices.

We want to emphasise the importance of this document when selling your yacht.  Almost all buyers will specifically ask for the VAT-declaration and some buyers even decide to annul the sales agreement when they hear there is no VAT-declaration.

It is not only foreign buyers who find this document valuable, Dutch buyers also think it is essential. Customs regularly check yachts in the harbours at the islands, even when they sail under the Dutch flag. Our advice is to avoid any risks and to make sure the VAT-declaration is taken care of.


Requesting a VAT-declaration

You can request a VAT-declaration yourself or you can let us handle this for you. We have the knowledge and experience to hand the correct documents to Customs, and with the necessary  contacts our requests always go through smoothly.

When we accept a yacht in for sale at Sleeuwijk Yachting, we check whether the yacht has a VAT-declaration to take away the worry from the buyer.

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