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Neptune Marine Shipbuilding bv.

The company was founded in 1972 and was one of the first GRP-boat builders in the world to work on the strict standards of Dutch yacht builders. She achieved great success with models such as Neptunus 141 and Neptunus 168. Neptune Marine Shipbuilding in Aalst grew into one of the biggest players in Dutch yacht building.

In 1997, Neptune launched the first Elling Motor yacht. The model was based on more than a hundred concept requirements, collected by thousands of water sports enthusiasts from all over the world who all had a passion for safety, comfort and luxury.

These ideas were brought together by the world-famous designer ‘Ken Freivokh’, from which came the revolutionary concept of the Elling. Within the water sports the Elling E3 and Elling E4 cannot be left out. The water sports enthusiast who is looking for a seaworthy yacht with a luxurious look and comfort can no longer ignore the Elling.
Sleeuwijk Yachting has had a very close relationship with this yard for years. In the 90’s Sleeuwijk was the marina where all new yachts from this yard were delivered. In the coming years we hope to see many beautiful models of this ship in our harbor.

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