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Aquanaut Yachting

In, the heart of the Frisian water sports, Sneek is the Aquanaut shipyard. In 1961 the brothers Johan and Wim Bakker from Sneek realized their dream by designing and building top class motor yachts. Their ships quickly build up an excellent reputation. In 1997 Mark Bakker & Geert Leenstra took over the baton in the management of the company.

Passion for ships and sailing is deeply rooted at the Frisian shipyard. You can see this reflected in the quality, design and sailing characteristics. All phases of the production process from design to construction and from construction to completion are executed in-house. Around 1,300 ships have already started running.

The design of these ships came the first years directly from the drawing boards of Vripack / Dick Boon. These timeless designs are still popular in the current market. More and more we see design elements in the ships, which later come from in-house designer Jan-Piet. briefly concluding: a yard with all the knowledge in-house, which is far ahead of its time.

Aquanaut Yachting builds different models that are all very successful and loved by water sports enthusiasts. The various models of motorboats are the Aquanaut Drifter, Aquanaut Unico and Aquanaut Global Voyager.

Within our range, the aforementioned models can always be found.

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