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Van den Hoven Yacht building

In 1992, Bart van den Hoven started building a 10 meter motor yacht in his backyard. Thanks to his passion and years of experience in interior design, he was able to respond to the wishes of his customers. Since 1999 he runs, together with his wife Monique and recently also his daughter Michelle, in Waspik Van den Hoven Jachtbouw. There are now about 50 yachts in service with dimensions of 12 to 22 meters.

By combining the traditional acclaimed Dutch building methods with innovation, these ships are known as the top of the Dutch market. Van den Hoven Jachtbouw uses a Semi-Custom construction method. As a result, these vessels often have a beautiful design that has been worked through down to the smallest details. Directly visible differences are mainly in the materials used and the level of finishing, such as upholstery, types of wood, shiny or matt paint and of course the color of the yacht.

Within our range, Van den Hoven is always a fixed value, but never for long. Because of the strong brand, quality and above all reliability, these ships have built up a very good reputation within the second-hand market. Many models are already a great success as the: Van den Hoven Exclusive and the Van den Hoven Executive where the second version of last year was launched.

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