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Steeler Yachts

The yacht builder based in Steenwijk has been a fixture in Dutch yacht building for some years now. The model line used by Steeler Yachts is very diverse. From the tough Steeler Explorer, the modern Steeler NG line to the futuristic Steeler Panorama.

The approach in which the construction process comes about together with the customer is one of the distinguishing factors of the Steelers. There are a number of principles that are central to each ship: the quality of the materials used must be excellent, the people who build the ship are as they themselves describe “craftsmen” with an unprecedented ambition: to build elegant ships where the enjoyment is often hidden is in functional and comfortable innovations.

Every Steeler has a custom-made interior. Success is achieved at the crossroads of beauty and practicality. Finding that balance is art. Steeler draws its strength from its impressive appearance at first glance, but a further acquaintance impresses with its well-thought-out functionality. Design that you enjoy as an owner every day.

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