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The CE-Certificate

The CE-certificate is a European declaration that shows that a yacht meets the ISO-standards.

The CE-certificate guarantees that a yacht conforms to European standards set by law and has been safely produced. A yacht has to be issued with a CE-certificate before it enters the water.  Almost all yachts built after June 15th 1998 have a CE-certificate.


To find out whether the yacht you’re interested in has a CE-certificate, you must look for three things:

  • Builder’s plate
  • HIN-number
  • Owner’s manual


If the yacht doesn’t have a CE-certificate it will be much more difficult to sell. We also know from experience, that most countries will ask for a CE-certification during the registration of the ship.


What if my yacht doesn’t have a CE-certificate?

In case your yacht does not have a CE-certificate, we can start the procedure to get you one.

With our many years of experience and knowledge in the industry, we have contacts and can ensure that the procedure goes smoothly and you are able to gain your CE-certificate so you have nothing to worry about.


 Sleeuwijk Yachting and the declaration of conformity

We make sure every yacht we have for sale meets the CE-declaration of conformity. When you purchase a yacht from Sleeuwijk Yachting, you know it meets the technical and administrative standards leaving you to focus on what’s really important – sailing.

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