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Sleeuwijk Yachting is open during the Coronavirus

At Sleeuwijk Yachting we have taken appropriate measures to prevent further spread of the virus.


The health of our customers and our employees is currently our top priority. By taking these measures we can remain open

What precautions have we taken?

* We monitor the health of all our employees

* Our employees may not work with colds, respiratory complaints and fever.

* Our employees do not shake hands when entering or leaving

* Our employees keep an appropriate distance of 1.5 meters

* Our employees are obliged to regularly wash their hands and keep sufficient distance.

What do we ask of you?

* In case of complaints, such as a cold, cough and fever, postpone the visit to our marina until the complaints have disappeared for at least 48 hours.

* If you already have an appointment and have received complaints in the meantime, please let us know.

It goes without saying that we will continue to monitor developments closely and measures are subject to change.

We wish everyone good health! Let’s help and take care of each other!

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